Zoning Change Needed to Advance West End Vision

Zoning Change Needed to Advance West End Vision

West End showed up strong for a Special Meeting of NPU-T on Wednesday night 7/24 at the Shrine of the Black Madonna to hear an update on the proposed text amendment to the SPI-21 Zoning District, Sub-Area 1 – the Mall at West End. The official NPU-T vote will be August 14.

WHAT: The proposed redevelopment of the Mall at West End will expand West End’s walking district with new streets and buildings that include office, residential, hotel, retail, cultural, and public spaces. This is the kind of mixed-use development envisioned when the community created the SPI-21 zoning district. The allowable density for the mall site will not change, but the City’s proposed Zoning Amendment would raise the height restriction the north side of the site to a height comparable with other parcels in the commercial district.

WHERE: The Mall at West End is a 12-acre site bound by Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, Lee Street, Oak Street, and Dunn Street in southwest Atlanta.

WHY: The current height limit prevents the site from achieving the allowable density. Raising the height limit on the north side of the site allows flexibility with site design so that the developer can achieve various goals, including affordable housing, affordable work space, public space, and new street connections.

WHO: The development team is led by Ryan Gravel and Donray Von of Elevator City Partners. The zoning amendment, however, is being proposed by the City of Atlanta.

WHEN: NPU-T will vote on the zoning amendment at its meeting on August 14 at 7:00 PM in the community room at Lee+White, 1020 White Street SW. Eligible voters live within NPU-T and have attended three of the last six NPU-T meetings.

Photos by Keith Gulley.

Atlanta City Councilmember Cleta Winslow.
Elevator co-founder Ryan Gravel.
Standing room only.
Elevator co-founder Donray Von.
Meeting schedule for the zoning text amendment.
Proud mom and West End resident.